General Pre-Conference

This year the International AIDS Conference organizers are integrating a selected group of independently organized, pre-conference meetings into the main conference programme. By hosting their pre-conference meeting in conjunction with AIDS 2016, the pre-conference meetings are able to tap into a suite of additional services such as incorporating abstracts, scholarship recipients, communications support and more.

All pre-conference meetings that are part of the official AIDS 2016 pre-conference programme will be held in the main conference venue at the ICC Durban on Saturday, 16 July and Sunday, 17 July, immediately preceding the Opening Ceremony of AIDS 2016 on Monday, 18, July.

The new pre-conference approach is intended to provide delegates and attendees an enhanced conference experience through a streamlined logistics and registration process. This includes the following:

  1. One registration system for the pre-conference and main conference registration
  2. All pre-conference meetings hosted within the main conference venue to improve accessibility of the pre-conference meetings
  3. One abstract submission system for pre-conference meetings selecting abstract submissions
  4. Access to the main conference shuttle system through the pre-conference meetings for reliable transportation

The International AIDS Conference organizers are only involved in streamlining the logistics and registration process. All pre-conference meeting speakers, panels, program topics, and agendas are strictly managed independently by the pre-conference meeting organizers.

Yes. However, it is important to note that registration for the pre-conference meetings is available on a first-come, first-served basis so it important to secure your seat in the meeting before capacity is reached. Additionally, some pre-conference meetings require an application to register and attendance acceptance is at the sole decision of the meeting organizers.

An “open meeting” means that seats are available on a first-come, first-served basis. An “application required” meeting means that the meeting organizers request an additional application as part of the registration process and will approve the attendance based on their own application criteria.

All registrants can attend up to a maximum of three meetings in total for the pre-conference. This includes both open and application required meetings.


Login with your existing account or create a new one at Once you provide all of your personal information system, you will be provided the option to purchase the pre-conference registration. Select this option and then proceed to the payment options screen to confirm your purchase. Once you make payment, you will be allowed to select up to three pre-conferences to attend, which can be done in your AIDS 2016 profile.

Yes. You can select up to a maximum of up three pre-conference meetings to attend.

Login to your conference profile and scroll down to the pre-conferences tab to follow the instructions for selecting pre-conferences. Selection and registration for pre-conference meetings is on a first come, first served basis. Sign up early to attend the meeting you are interested in.

Registration is open until capacity is reached for each meeting.

Pre-Conference Pass and Registration Fees

Free! The pre-conference meetings are free to attend and are included as part of the main AIDS 2016 conference registration package.

The pre-conference registration is available for purchase at $250 USD, inclusive of VAT and a transport pass. Instead of purchasing the full conference registration, choose the “pre-conference registration only” option and proceed to the payment options.

The pre-conference registration is a cost effective way for individuals to access the pre-conference programming and content without purchasing a full conference registration. The pre-conference registration is only valid for Saturday, 16 July and Sunday 17 July. It does not include any main conference access.

Individuals can purchase it through the AIDS 2016 registration system at

Scholarships and Financial Support

No, unfortunately not. Once your scholarship is confirmed, you will be able to immediately register for a pre-conference meeting.

The answer depends upon which scholarships you receive.

The AIDS 2016 scholarship program will support recipients to attend the main conference (18-22 July), meaning that accommodation and per diem (if awarded) will only cover the week of the conference (accommodation from Sunday to Saturday and per diem from Monday to Friday). This would mean that the recipient has to provide accommodation and meals while attending the pre-conference on the Saturday, 16 July and Sunday 17 July.

If awarded the flight scholarship, flight dates can be flexible in their arrangement, but the recipients are responsible for any accommodation and expenses outside of the days of the official AIDS 2016 conference as stated above. If awarded registration, scholarship recipients will have the ability to register online for selected pre-conference meetings in advance of the conference.

Some (but not all) pre-conferences are providing supplementary scholarships to encourage attendance at their meetings. You may contact the pre-conference organizers directly to enquire if these are available for the meeting you want to attend.


All pre-conference meetings will be held in the main AIDS 2016 venue, in the ICC Durban.

Yes. A transport pass is included in both the full conference and pre-conference registration package. The official AIDS 2016 transport network will be operational on Saturday, 16 July and Sunday 17 July between the official hotels and the AIDS 2016 venue (the ICC Durban) so that delegates can attend the official pre-conferences. The routes and operational times will be posted here when available: