Rapporteur Summaries

Rapporteurs are charged with the important task of objectively recording the proceedings and ground-breaking presentations at AIDS 2016. Throughout the conference an international team of rapporteurs will report on key conference highlights. All their summaries will be published on this page during the course of the week. A Rapporteur Session will take place on Friday 22nd July at 14:15 where the lead rapporteurs will share the main findings and highlights of the conference for each scientific track.

Summaries by day

Monday 18 July | Tuesday 19 July | Wednesday 20 July | Thursday 21 July | Friday 22 July

Rapporteur teams

Track A Rapporteurs
Lead: Lyle McKinnon, Canada
Zaza Ndhlovu, Zambia
Jeff Schneider, United States
Aida Sivro, Canada
Renee van der Sluis, Netherlands

Track B Rapporteurs
Lead: Juan Ambrosioni Czyrko, Argentina
Sipho Dlamini, South Africa
Graeme Meintjes, South Africa
Olivier Segeral, France
Stephanie Shiau, United States

Track C Rapporteurs
Lead: Patrick Sullivan, Unites States
Stefan Baral, Johns Hopkins, Canada
Karleen Coly, United States
Rachel Kearns, United States
Sosthene Ketende, Tanzania
Ben Liestman, United States
Carrie Lyons, United States
Jennie McKenney, United States
Gnilane Turpin, Senegal
Adam Vaughan, United States
Ryan Zahn, United States
Track D Rapporteurs
Lead: Olayide Akanni, Nigeria
Manju Chatani, India
Julie Mellin, United States
Lynette Mabote, South Africa
Michaela Rahimi, United States
Aditi Sharma, GNP+, India
Donald Tobaiwa, Jointed Hands Welfare Organisation (JHWO), Zimbabwe

Track E Rapporteurs
Lead: Bernard Gardiner, Australia
Karine Dubé, United States
Felicita Hikuam, Namibia
Lynette Lowndes, United Kingdom
Mike Strauss, South Africa
Community & Leadership Rapporteurs
Lead: Christoforos Mallouris, Cyprus
Erika Castellanos, Belize
Venita Ray, United States
Matan Rosenstrauch, Israel
Gennady Roshchupkin, Russia
Martha Tholanah, Zimbabwe
Morenike Ukpong, Nigeria

Global Village & Youth Rapporteurs
Lead: Renatta Horasia Langlais, Dominica
Chibuike Alagboso, Nigeria
Janet Tatenda Bhila, Zimbabwe
Primrose Manyalo, Zimbabwe
Charles Pensulo, Malawi
Rewan Youssif, Egypt